St. Luke Lutheran Church

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Our Lord speaks and we listen. His Word bestows what it says. Faith that is born from what is heard acknowledges the gifts received with eager thankfulness and praise.

The rhythm of our worship is from Him to us, and then back to Him. He gives His gifts, and together we receive and extol them. We build up each other as we speak to our neighbor in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

Our Lord gives us His body and His blood. Finally, His blessings moves us out into our calling, where His gifts come to life in us.

We pray that you’ll join us for worship this Sunday. 

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Sunday School & Bible Study

Sunday School

Bible Study - Echo: Unbroken Truth Worth Repeating, Again
Starting Wed. 9/8/2001 and Sun. 9/12/2001 
Wednesday at 1:00PM
Sunday at 8:00AM

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Please join us for our new Bible study Echo: Unbroken Truth. Worth Repeating. Again.

Echo is a book about unbroken truth worth repeating so many times that you can’t tack enough “agains!” onto the end of it. This is a book about Jesus – who He is, what He’s done, what He’s doing, and what He will do.

Classes start Wednesday, 9/8/21 at 1:00pm or Sunday, 9/12/21 at 8:00am